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Best Web Scraping APIs — 2022

Nov 20, 2021
RocketScrap logo icon Anna Demydenko

A web scraping API is a tool that helps you to find and collect website data. It is usually used for software development or creating tools, designed to process website content. Currently, the Internet is filled with numerous types of scraping tools. But how do you know which tool will fulfill your needs and guarantee the best results for a particular project? Most importantly, it must be a fast and stable tool, capable of dealing with heavy workloads, that simplifies data retrieval significantly.

We prepared for you a list of TOP 5 best web scraping tools on the Internet:

1. RocketScrape

Best API for web scraping

Rocket Scrape is a tool that helps users to scrape data extremely fast without blocking or restrictions. It is able to parse HTML documents from any web source using a simple API request. Rocket Scrape API extracts pure data, making it ready for analysis. This tool has noticeable processing speed and good performance.

Useful for: web developers, data scientists.

Main advantages:

2. Scrapestack

Fast scalable proxy

Scrapestack is one of the most popular scraping tools. This service allows you to scrape data without any risks of blocking or any similar issues.

Useful for: web developers, data scientists

Main advantages:

3. ScrapingBee

Capable of rotating proxies and headless browsers, ScrapingBee is perfect for web scraping involving common and premium proxies. It allows you to obtain data just with a regular Google Chrome browser. Besides, it provides various proxies to work with.

Useful for: web developers

Main advantages:

4. ScraperBox

Simple API & blocking protection

ScraperBox is a tool that allows you to process data fast and ensures you are protected from being blocked. It is able to work well with large amounts of data from any web source. This tool has a clear and simple API to work with, which allows you to make requests for different tool features.

Useful for: web developers, data scientists

Main advantages:

5. Scrapingdog

Scraping data with minimum actions

Scrapingdog is a reliable tool that scrapes data using millions of proxies, browsers, CAPTCHAs.S It has the ability to deliver you HTML data from any web resource with ease. With the help of Chrome browser it renders any page as though it was rendered in a real browser.

Useful for: web developers, data scientists

Main advantages: